JANUARY 22, 2009

Good news and bad news from the fair convention. The good news is that we will have starting gates and contracts for the starting gates from Reese Starting gates in Little Neck NY. Please contact Andy if you need a starter for your fair. Andrew Reese 5883 N.Y.S. Rt. 353 Little Valley, Ny 14755 cell 716-864-5736, home 716-938-6142

The plan is for judges to be funded by the commission if possible but get your requests in early. The budget is tight and getting tighter. Purses will be down a bit and the overage money that PHHA and MSOA gave to the fairs for expenses is not in existance. Ron and Kim pledged to try to fund each fair with $3500. The PA Standardbred Breeders pledged $15000 again to the fairs and Ellen Harvey’s anonymous donor will again donate to the nine fairs that responded with reports on how they used last years donation.

The bad news is that there is still money owed for last year’s starting gate and it is looking like our club will foot the bill.