Pennsylvania Fair Harness Horsemen’s Association

Date: April 20, 2008
Time: 2:15 P. M.
Place: Dayton Fairgrounds

Present: Judy Adams, Judy McMullen, Trish Adams, Sandy Petersen, Dean Brickell, Ginny Schoeffel, Sue Brickell, Terry Schoeffel, Connie Holt, Joe Torok, Sheree Hoover, Jeanne Urban, Audre King, Ken Weaver, Jody McClearn, Roy Wilt, John McMullen, Donna Weyant

President Terry Schoeffel called the meeting to order.

Treasurer Judy McMullen reported a balance in the treasury of $4030.71. Sue asked if the horsemen wished to renew the website at a cost of $150. Terry motioned to renew the website; John seconded and motion carried.

Terry said that there are two important issues that he wishes to discuss. The first concerns the starting gates. Boots Dunn was to have been present, but his mares are foaling. John tried to reach him by phone, but left a message. Two fairs, Green County/Waynesburg and Washington County/Arden, have afternoon racing, which conflicts with the Meadows’ program. Tete King said that she and Debbie Stephenson are concerned. Frank Glessner has his starter’s license, and Peter Fink may be available for an eastern fair. Bill Hatcher from Colonial, who was to have been the starter, is no longer available. John will pursue the matter with Boots and get back to Tete.

The other matter concerns the anonymous donation of money to advertise harness racing at PA fairs. Ellen Harvey has informed PAFHHA that an anonymous breeder, who received money through the breeders’ program, wishing to donate the money back to PA for advertising. Ellen has brought together some suggestions, and Sue will send the packets out to the fairs with harness racing by registered mail. The donated amount should be $300-500 per fair.

In other business, the overage money from the pari-mutuel tracks should be going out to the fairs sometime after May 1. Each fair should receive $3319.68. Western fairs will receive their checks from MSOA and eastern fairs will receive their checks from Pocono or Chester.

John informed the horsemen that Greene County is renting a tent with 60 portable stalls. He said that this level of commitment to harness racing by the fair is a good thing.

John also noted that he had spoken with Polly Blackhurst at the Meadows. The Meadows is getting new saddle pads, and she offered the old numbers to PAFHHA; however, she will need to clear it with track management. Connie noted that she had one set on numbers. When they are ready, she will drop them off to John and Judy.

John said that the Commission Meeting and the QS/PASS Meeting would be held on Friday, January 16, 2009, at the PA Fair Convention. Everyone should note this change.

Sue said that PAFHHA has requested matching funds from USTA for advertising on the website, pens and tee shirts. Sue also said that she has discussed the new training required for clerks with Dan Tufano. $750 has been set aside for reimbursement for travel and lodging. Everyone attending should keep their receipts. Trish motioned that the funds be run through PAFHHA. Connie seconded, and motion carried. Training will be held at the Meadows on June 7.

Roy informed the horsemen that there are 27 applicants for the Executive Director position and reviewed the list of names. The candidates will be pre-screened by a panel that includes Acting Executive Director Cheryl Cook and the human resources director for the PA Department of Agriculture. The selection committee will choose from those three candidates.

Roy also noted that there are two vacancies on the thoroughbred commission. Roy has been renominated to the harness racing commission.

Terry thanked Roy for attending and for his continuing friendship.

Terry asked if Roy could pursue the matter of starters for the fairs. the fairs have not received copies of the starters contracts.
Two fairs, Port Royal and York, have chosen to hire their own judge, because they preferred to use Earl Beal.

John discussed the fair fund. Last year, there was $4.4 million in the fund. Governor Rendell cut it to $3.2 million, but it was restored by the legislature to $4.0 million. This year, Gov. Rendell cut it to $2.6 million. Fred McKillip, the fair lobbyist, has aimed at $4.4 million, but hopes the legislature will restore it back to $4.0 million.

Terry called for nomination of officers. Donna and John motioned to keep the current officers. Motion carried unanimously. Officers are:


President Terry Schoeffel
Treasurer Judy McMullen
Secretary Jeanne Urban

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM on a motion by Tete. Jody seconded and motion carried.
Respectfully submitted by Jeanne Urban, Secretary.