2013 ADDED MONEY EARLY-CLOSING EVENTS • Close March 15, 2013

QUAKER MEMBERS: Bedford, Butler, Clearfield, Meadville, Gratz, Dayton, Waynesburg, Indiana, Hughesville, Stoneboro, Honesdale, Washington, Wattsburg, Port Royal and York. (Racing Dates To Be Announced)

ELIGIBILITY: Two- and three-year-olds, sired by a horse standing in PA, or wholly owned by a PA resident(s) at the time of nomination.

HEATS: Quakers, all classes, will race one heat only.

MONEY DIVISION: Five starters: 50-25-12-8-5, four starters: 50-25-15-10, three starters: 50-30-20, two starters 65-35, one starter: walkover

TO START: Horse’s papers must show a satisfactory charted line in accordance with the following time standards: two-year-old trot 2:20; two-year-old pace 2:15; three-year-old trot 2:15; and three-year-old pace 2:10, with time allowances for track conditions. Line must be without a break and dated during the current racing year.

NOMINATING FEE: $35 per horse, due March 15, 2013. Entries CLOSE March 15.

SUSTAINING PAYMENT: $50 per horse, due May 15, 2013.

COLTS AND FILLIES: Raced as separate events, if 5 or more of each sex declared. One exception: If there are 9 entries and the split is five and four, race will be divided by sex.

CHECKS: Make payable to QUAKER STATE FAIR CIRCUIT, & mail to:

Susan Brickell
893 Nashville Road
Rochester Mills, PA 15771.
(724) 286-9936 • Cell (724) 388-2516.
E-mail sjbstandardbreds@hotmail.com

$25 service charge for any check not honored by your bank. Monies are forfeited if a horse nominated is found to be ineligible. No copy of the registration papers are required. Any changes in ownership after nomination must be reported.

DECLARATION TIME: See Pennsylvania Fair Guide published by the PA Harness Racing Commission and PA Dept. of Agriculture.